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I had a S&W PPK that I gave to my father. Great gun, very fun to shoot, and more accurate than you will ever believe. I really mean it too that little gun is super accurate. I don't regret giving it to my father, he needed a small gun and I already had others I could carry so it was worth it. Although I am picking up a Sig 232 hopefully in the next month to replace it. Somewhere down the road I plan on getting another PPK in .32ACP for strictly a fun range gun.

The gun does require a break in period though. It comes very stiff from the factory but that can be expected. Also since the gun is a blowback design it is prone to limp wristing. If you keep a proper grip though you should have no problems. I personally have never had a jam of any kind shooting my PPK, new shooters I bring to the range have.

Just a personal comment, but one Kahr 9X19 has more utility value than a bucket full of S&W PPKs.
Don't see what this has to do with him wanting a PPK. The Kahr isn't even of similar design, nor does it have the nostalgia of the PPK for the OP.

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