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I have shot most 50 BMG rifles that are readily available in the US. I own a Bushmaster BA50. You are right the bolt guns have better accuracy. The McMillan Tac50 and the Sig Sauer 50 are two of the best. The M99 Barrett is a great choice for it's price. I shoot hand loaded AMAX's and Barnes Turned brass. These both seem to give me the best accuracy. I picked the Bushmaster due to experience I had with it. I had shot a friends quite a bit and loved it. Due to the barrel and design of the system it is a sub MOA rifle. The semi auto Barretts are great rifles, but they will only achieve 1.5-2.5 MOA. the M99 can do way better than this, especially with some handloads. I would definitely choose the Sig or Tac50 if it were me. They really are the cream of the crop as far as bolt 50's. Please if I can help with any questions feel free to ask or send me a message.

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