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The P99 has sold for about $600 or less for several years now. But with pretty much zero marketing from S&W, no one knew.
I think the price drop happened around the time of the release of the PPQ, in early 2011. Before then, the MSRP for the P99 was around $800.

They still haven't changed the price on the .40 version in the website. In reality, they always sold for at least $100 less than MSRP though. I agree that S&W never really cared to market these pistols.

By the way, has the P99DAO been discontinued too?

(Walther had sold a lot of them in the European LE markert).
The P99DAO is no longer sold to civilians, but it is still being produced for military and law enforcement contracts overseas.

From an E-mail directly from Walther, Germany:

[No] longer in production are the Quick Action version which was replaced by the PPQ and the Double Action Only version as there is no demand on the civilian market for the DAO. The only DAO customers are law enforcement agencies but they have special needs and so each agency has [its] own version.

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