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The bolt and carrier are very similar to a .22 conversion kit for an AR-15. It's a self contained unit that looks fairly well built. All of the components of the bolt and carrier are made of metal.

The rifle includes a single 24 round polymer magazine that also seems fairly well built. It inserts and locks into place just like the original WWII era rifle.

The rifle features cast metal sights which again are very close in design to the original WWII era sights. The rear sight is slightly different in that it features a RPK style windage adjustment system. You can dial in windage by turning the small wheel on the left side of the sights which then moves the rear blade either right or left. I suspect this was done because the front sight is cast solid and is not windage adjustable.

The rifles have hit their target price retail of $599 which as of right now includes the wooden crate at no extra charge. If you shop around it should be possible to find these at $550 or less.

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