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The new GSG StG44 Rifle

During SHOT Show 2012 I ran across the then prototype GSG StG44 .22LR rifle. Here's the video from SHOT.

I placed my order as soon as distributors started taking orders. The rifle arrived last week and so far it looks and feels very similar to the prototype I handled at SHOT, however I did notice a few minor changes to the rifle. The charging handle how has a return spring and the wood buttstock isn't glossed like the prototype but instead is simply stained. There are a few other minor changes but I won't go into all of them.

The rifle is made of cast metal and stampings. It has the heft and feel of a real StG44, it does not feel like a .22LR rifle at all. The new StG44 a step above the quality of their MP5 clones, IMHO. This rifle is so hefty it tips the scales at 9.7lbs!

The first rifles to come into the country will ship in a wooden crate. What I was told at SHOT what that the crates would not come with the rifle after the first shipment. I don't know if this has changed.

The wooden crate is nicely made and goes great with the rifle.

Inside the crate you will find the rifle stored with the buttstock removed and all of the components wrapped in plastic. The rifle and stock are held securely in place with wooden slots that are screwed down and have spray foam padding them.

Once you get the rifle out of the crate it's a simple matter of sliding the stock onto the receiver and inserting the supplied take down pin into its proper hole. At that point the rifle is ready for action.

The detail is stunning on the rifle. All of the reinforcement ribs and rivets that exist on the original WWII sheet metal rifle are replicated in exacting detail on the GSG rifle. I've had the pleasure of inspecting a real WWII era StG44 and I can say, this is a VERY close facsimile.

Field stripping the GSG rifle is accomplished the same way as you would field strip an original rifle. You push the take down pin out, remove the buttstock, swing the pistol grip/trigger group down and pull the bolt and carrier along with the associated springs and small parts out of the rear.

Visit my YouTube channel for reviews, tests and more.
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