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You are correct Keg.

It is NOT against the law to have your cell phone, walkie talkie's etc. while deer hunting in Ohio. And NOT against the law to communicate on them while hunting.

It IS against the law to use them in PURSUIT of game.

This would be legal:

that he is getting out of his stand and will be slowly walking in a certain direction towards you.
In this case you are alerted that the noises you hear and the movement you see in the thick brush may be human, not animal.

This would NOT be legal:
my boy told of some deer heading to my area.

We regularly carry walkie talkie's and cell phone's especially during any gun season and have been approached by ODNR for random checks. The standard questions/inspections asked and done. Never an issue when it came to them. But I'm sure had our walkie's been monitored and there had been conversation of pursuing deer, the outcome may be different.
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