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The upside to "heavy for capacity" is that they have less recoil for caliber, and are more controllable in one handed shooting.

I have a G21 and recently sold my last 1911. The G21 fully loaded with 13+1 weighs about the same as a typical loaded 1911.
The G21 has noticeably less felt recoil than any 1911 I've shot - even when its light-loaded with only 5 rounds at a time (at the range).
I think the spring, bore axis, slide weight, grip width, and a bunch of other little details combine to make overall weight a secondary influence on recoil absorption.

But I wouldn’t carry either of them.. both are far too big and/or heavy for my tastes.
Someone above mentioned the 357Sig, considering the OP is no stranger to recoil or ammo prices (357mag shooter) he might get along real nicely with the Glock 33.

I don’t consider either one, Glock or 1911, to be particularly safer than the other, they each have their pro's and con's.
I don’t like manual safeties on carry pistols and I much prefer the Glock trigger in a ccw.
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