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OCD cleaning after each range trip...or leave it dirty?

The Q-Tip thread was hilariously brilliant...and got me thinking how often and quickly I clean my pistols after range trips. I honestly cannot stand the thought of a dirty pistol after I shoot it. Even my Glock, the gun that can withstand no lube and various water/mud/freezing temp torture tests...I just cannot leave dirty.

I'm curious to see how many folks go RIGHT to the cleaning bench after a range shoot....or skip it and leave it dirty from time to time. Obviously today's ammunition in most popular calibers is non-corrosive so frequent cleanings are more of a preference than a necessity these days.

Right now, I am putting a new Taurus pistol through a 2k round challenge and its already gummed up with carbon after just 500 rounds. Its KILLING me to leave it dirty and track its performance as I reach 2k rounds! I think I need help...

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