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S&W Walther PPK

Hey all,

November is turning into a VERY good month for me, financially. It's one of those rare months where I get paid three times (I'm paid every two weeks), plus due to the Hurricane I have nearly 40 hours of OT this week alone.

As a result of having a little extra "fun money" this month, plus some personal things going VERY well, I've decided to look into getting the gun I've wanted since I was 12, the Walther PPK.

Which, of course, is more of a S&W PPK now....

I've heard VERY mixed reviews of the newer S&W PPK's...anyone here own one? They seem to be really hit-or-miss with reliability...

I'm looking at getting a PPK, not a PPK/S, but that may change pending review. While this is a 'grail gun' of sorts for me, reliability is an issue since I carry every weapon I own...I don't want a safe queen.

Any advice, opinions, experience, etc. would be greatly appreciated!
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