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Medium caliber recoil, questions in regards to posture

So I've been trying new things and trying to see what might be an effective way to try and manage the higher recoil that comes from the .308/7.62x51 rounds.

I'm short and relatively light weight at 5'2" 137lb, the recoil itself is not real bad in terms of what is felt, but I notice that I seem to have a hard time making rapid follow up shots in succession since I'm getting shoved and pushed around a lot. I'm using irons, and this affects my off hand shooting the most.

I've tried leaning more into the rifle but if I try leaning in any further, I may just fall over. I also try to keep a good firm grip on the rifle while making sure I have a good cheek weld and the stock glued to my shoulder. No post rigiamortis death grip here but just the basics.

Is there anything else I can do to try and compensate for this in terms of posture and technique or is it down to mechanics at this point and an investment in a muzzle break/compensator might be the next best course of action?
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