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I'm a baby competitor, and have yet to be classified (doing this less than six months). At this point I'm in the top half and generally top two in most accurate in smaller club matches.

I realize practice is the most important, but like to have tools better han I am. I'm just not happy with the tactical's accuracy at this point. Its nothing in accuracy in comparison to my Beretta 92 (in SA mode with a modified 4lb pull). It doesn't even seem as accurate as the new M&Pc I acquired a month ago. I think trigger pull is a factor, but not the only factor. Other items I am contemplating are a Dawson adjustable site, and a KKM drop in barrel.

I've heard of the APEXs, but I would send those in to work up as well as I have the technical capacity of a tree slug. Would you say the Apex is better than Burwell? I've heard excellent things about both. I should note I expected to get some trigger work done of some sort before I bought the pistol - based on recommendations I've seen. I'm just not sure which pull would be better.

Good to know its not up to 1911 standards as I would be disappointed about that.
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