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Just got back from the range and was reaching a bit today . I started out making sure the gun was zeroed @ 100yds . I started out using my friends rest/sled/POS
here are my first shots @ 100yds using the rest

I was getting very frustrated at the grouping (I shoot better then that ) . Then I noticed the way the front of the stock had to sit on the rest . The stock was making contact with the barrel when I was shooting . So I stopped using that rest and used some carpeted blocks of wood from there forward . I had the gun resting on the blocks almost at the magwell area . This kept all presures off the barrel and I shot this group with the next shots I took

Now that I new it was not me I started to reach out to the 300yd target . This is my 2nd try the first was a joke

After that I adjusted my scope 4 clicks up and shot again . There was a little wind out there but I did not compensate for it . here is that target . It does look like I was shooting a little right in all the shots . I may not have had the scoped zeroed perfect .

I wrote In my original review of this rifle that the stock can make contact with the barrel and may effect your accuracy . I now can say it WILL make contact when you rest the rifle up at the front of the stock . I have not used a bypod with this rifle yet . It apears if you do not charge the bi-pod and just let the gun rest on it . The stock will make contact with the barrel and it WILL effect your accuracy . Im not even sure I charging it will work . I do have a bi-pod on my Savage . I think the next time I take the American out I will try it with a bi-pod and see if it's any better .

All-in-all I'm still very happy with the rifle and do recommend it .
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