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Are cell phones permitted in the deer woods? This is the question I posed - along with others on the topic - to OVO's Pro Staffers and writers/contributors of Ohio Valley Outdoor Times and Ohio Valley Outdoors magazine. The answers I received about the legality of using communication devices while hunting deer in Ohio were the same - "YES, I have my cell phone with me, but do not use it while pursuing deer."

That's the correct answer, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources' hunting regulations. They say: "A Deer Hunter Can Do the Following -- 6. Possess a communication device as long as you do not use the device to aid a person in pursuing or taking of deer."
It is the same lame law alright....I still call BS..not for the fact that it is a law(there seems to be plenty laws that don't make sense)..but that it is another ignorant law....
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