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Lastly, regarding the Hi-Point vs. the Kel-Tec - I read that the Hi-Point is a blowback design and the Kel-Tec is a locked breech design. I think I have an idea of the difference, but to be sure could someone please explain it to me? From what I understand, a blowback is when the chamber/slide kicks back when the shot is fired, but I thought all pistols do this, no? Does the Kel-Tec's chamber/slide not kick back when fired? Sorry for the noobness in me...
With a straight blowback action, the barrel is fixed and the recoil moves the slide/bolt to the rear. With a locked-breech action, the chamber remains locked to the slide/bolt for a fraction of a second after firing. This is to ensure the breech doesn't open too early while chamber pressures are still high.

Almost every gun 9mm and above has a locked-breech action: if you pull the slide back on a locked-breech handgun you'll notice the barrel moves with the slide for about a 1/4 inch. And if you pull the bolt to the rear on an AR-15 you'll notice the bolt rotates and stays locked to the chamber for the first part of the bolt carrier's rearward movement.

Any gun more powerful than a .380 that uses a straight blowback action is going to need either a very heavy recoil spring, a very heavy slide/bolt (the Hi-Point), or both.
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