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I'll work on pics on Pap's rifle. It is not really pretty. It was my sole highpower for about 20 years, after my Dad hunted it, and after Pap carried it a few seasons. But it is not abused....and it is much loved. I have the shipping box dated 1956.

I've posted a story before about being a kid at "deer camp" his dining room w/ kerosene lantern and that rifle.

Wears the same 70's era Bushnell that my Dad put on it for me at age 14. With it I likely made the longest shot on a whitetail I ever will, not exceptional at 225 paced, but long for the way I hunt. It has killed deer in 3 states.

It will shoot. Factory WW 150 Power Points did well, as did my reloads with 150 Sierra Pro Hunters. Maybe bamaboy can help with pics.
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