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just some thoughts

RACHEN, I often think of the what ifs of history. like what if Horace Hunley had used the primitive electical technology of the time to power up his undersea craft? or if either side had made the connection of adding fins and propulsion to their observation balloons. after reading the previous threads, allow me to add some of my thoughts. technological advancements happen when the right things come into play at the right time. fulminate of mercury and its propertys was know by 1660's but they were trying to use it as a replacement for gunpower. it didn't work. it kept blowing up inventors and their test guns. never occurred to anyone till 1805 to try it as just a primer. look how well that worked out. Hiram Maxim worked at his uncle's shop during the civil war. the thoughts of a weapon as you questioned were in his mind. but it wasn't until 1884 that he introduced the world to the first true machine gun. he remarked years later the weapon could have been realized earlier, but he was waiting for the development of a propellent that was better then black power. so the idea and the person were present during the war, but not the final piece of technology that linked it all together. in that, I think is the answer. but its still fun to think about the possibilty of history. its fun stuff.
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