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What Makes for a Good Magazine?

Is there an established way gunmakers design magazines/feed systems to ensure the design should function properly? I hear of folks with "buggy mags" tweaking feed lips, honing ramps, reshaping mag catches and all sorts of other stuff. Is there a formula to the madness, or is a brute force guess-and-check the only way to approach the problem?

I'm contemplating converting a Steyr M95 from 8x56R to 45/70, which would require more than just rebarrelling for a repeating rifle. Other conversions attempt to use the existing feed system with similar-enough cartridges (7.62x54R and 30-40 most common). The en bloc clips used to feed the action would need to be substantially modified for the wider, shorter 45/70 round, and are themselves not very durable (disposable, even) in any case. Even successful conversions require frequent readjusting of the feed lips in the flimsy clips.

Since 45-70 would require major clip surgery anyway, I thought it may be better to replace the innards of the entire magwell with something purpose built for the new cartridge, that would hold together much longer. That said, I have no idea where to start. If some guidelines exist for how a cartridge needs to be angled relative to the breech face, how high on the bolt face, etc. I may be able to put something together that would suffice. At least be a closer shot to a working solution, and a much more durable starting point than 100yo sheet metal disposable clips . The dream is a hi-cap using a modified Madsen or Bren mag, but I'd be equally pleased with a 4-5 shot

Thanks for the expert advice,
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