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Bill Carson
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a few threads back dance brothers pistols with recoil shields was disscussed. here is some extra info. there are 6 known d.b.s with recoil shields. they are all 44cal. they all have round barrels with blade front sights and a rear sight dovetailed into the breech end of the barrel. there is no sight notch on the hammer. the three top flats run right up to the cyl. they have iron frames with brass trigger guard and back strape. the cyl is full round, that is, no rebate as on an 1860 army. grips are walnut one piece. the finish is not very refined. there are no facets on the barrel lug or frame, nor is there a spring on the key. the overall size is bigger than a 51 navy but slightly smaller than a 44 dragoon. I'm still puzzled why, if they had ability to make frames with recoil shields, they switched to cutting the frames out of rolled flat plate iron? i can ad this,experts on d.b. pistols belive the ones with recoil shields are the earliest prouduction run. for those of you who have not seen it yet there is a great image of geronimo holding a dance brothers pistol. this photo is easily found.
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