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Thanks to everbody

I was going to use WD40 but the can was empty, so I took a coarse cloth and put some paint thinner on it did some rubbing and the top coat just peeled right off no more sticky. I followed up with some armor all and it looks good. I think the top coat was something that gave it sort of a soft non slip feel. Its one of the lowest cost models but works well for me. I only have sight in one eye and depth perception for me is very poor. I don't range everthing that comes along like the hunters on tv. When I go to a stand that I'm not used to when I first get there I range different objects, that stump or tree and different objects. Then if a deer or something walks out I can look at it and know that its about half way to something or twice as far to something I messured and I'm good to go.
I did get a personal message from someone inside Bushnell offering to help and offering me sugestions on fixes, I will remember that.


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