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or at the very least Lee equipment and the presses alone will cost over $100,
The stuff I listed was under $100 bucks. Total. All the tools needed to reload 9mm. Press, priming tool, dies, shell holders, all of it.

To which you replied....

even though reloading setups can be had for cheap I would recommend against getting into the cheapos as they are not manufactured to the tightest tolerances and can make your home loads very inconsistent, sometimes even to the extent of destroying guns. if you do get into reloading then I would recommend Dillon or RCBS or at the very least Lee equipment and the presses alone will cost over $100,
as for reloading not being rocket science I beg to differ and anyone that says otherwise is truly ignorant of the dangers of reloading.
I know a couple of "Rocket Scientists" (Lockheed Martin variety... some refer them as "Aerospace Engineers", but they call themselves "Rocket Scientists") ..... have seen the math required of actual "rocket science" ... reloading is not that. No math involved, to speak of. Follow the recipe, use the tools properly, use safe procedures ..... simple stuff.

one time when I was a young-un I went to my LGS with my older brother and a man brought in a kaboomed rifle. when asked what happened the man simply replied "Lee Scoops happened". my brother exploded laughing and the guy behind the counter simply nodded and gave that all knowing smirk. unknown to me my older brother also Kaboomed a rifle using Lee scoops.
It does not get any simpler than Lee dippers.... if a fella manages to jack that up, he would do well to avoid anything with moving parts.
TheGolden Rule of Tool Use: "If you don't know what you are doing, DON'T."
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