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All of the stuff I listed was Lee equipment, of new manufacture ..... and is every bit as capable of making as high quality ammo as RCBS, Dillon, etc..... and certainly better than most factory loads. Quality will be determined by the diligence of the user. Lee's own online store was out of stock on the press I was looking for .... this was just the first distributor ( the search engine picked up.... I'm sure Natchez, Shooter's Supply, Midway, Graf's, etc. have the same stuff at similar prices. The OP was looking to reload 9mm, or maybe .45, and does NOT need $300-500 to do that.

Reloading is not rocket science and it need not cost a whole lot. For those with more time than money, the Lee WhackaMole kits are under 30 bucks, and though not the fastest way to reload, are capable of making safe, servicable ammo, if the user can read and follow instructions.
um...did I say not to use Lee? no I said that Leewould be as cheap as I would go.

as for reloading not being rocket science I beg to differ and anyone that says otherwise is truly ignorant of the dangers of reloading. there are literally thousands of different types of propellants yet only a handfull can be used for any given cartridge. the level of precision needed is in tens of thousanths of an ounce. a single 10th of an ounce can mean the difference between standard velocity loads and a blown up gun. just try loading and rifle powder in a 45acp casing and see what happens. that is why you need to make sure you buy properly calibrated scales, precisely manufactured scoops and above all else reloading manuals.

there is a reason why RCBS and Dillon are the largest manufacturers of reloading equipment, they are the most trusted because they are the best quality.

one time when I was a young-un I went to my LGS with my older brother and a man brought in a kaboomed rifle. when asked what happened the man simply replied "Lee Scoops happened". my brother exploded laughing and the guy behind the counter simply nodded and gave that all knowing smirk. unknown to me my older brother also Kaboomed a rifle using Lee scoops. I'm going to say that Lee has had serious QC problems in the past and I would never take the chance on it for that reason.
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