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Out of the ones you've listed, I would go with the 92 because I'm thoroughly well versed with it from every angle (hi capacity and I have lots of mags). I always say to people that have never fired the 92 that I challenge them to try a mag or two and shoot poorly--The design of the gun is so utterly well balanced (literally brilliant as though JMB himself designed it--Hi Power was not listed) that it is actually quite difficult even for the novice to shoot poorly. I could go on and on and on...! That scene in "Lethal Weapon" where Gibson shoots a smiley face on the target is not far fetched.

Edited to add that if money were of no concern and we lived in a perfect world, hands-down the 1911 (I have a matching carbine as well which further makes it a plausible deal). Problem again for me is that ever-increasingly present variable of the declining value of the $ as inflation has gone absurdly wild with Washington printing more paper than "Charmin" (both looking as though they will eventually serve the same purpose ).
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