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I realize your quoting someone else but I also had the same response earlier

I'll put in my .02c

while eezox coats and lubes to a degree but I feel that my pistol should be able to function properly without the aid/need of an outside object.

Such as if I have a 1911 that requires grease to run properly I see that that pistol has some sort of mechanical issue, granted this isn't my view on ALL machinery but weapons yes.

What if I need the pistol to work and I am unable to get said grease to maintain it? Worst case I figure in a situation you'll desperately need any gun it will be in less then ideal condition, from sitting, from long duration in a holster, exposed to the elements... so I want to be sure my weapons can work dry thus eliminating one concern and assuring it can function.

I suppose the only exception to this stance is if it is a performance driven target pistol where that is one of the expected requirements. Something that is a niche weapon.

I'm sure that grease would reduce the wear on my guns to a degree. But all of my guns run just fine only with Eezox. I feel its a fair expectation. feel free to disagree.

Apologies if this post is fragmented or has redundancies I'm typing this quick before I leave. I'll review it later.
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