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I saw the first episode. Now I never had an military experience, unless boy scouts count, but I could see this they were fundermentally flawed in their training. Heck, one of these "recuirts" had been with them for 6 months and had no clue how to fire a weapon (ar15/ak47). He even called an AR an AK. 6 months and no one has trained him in firearms??

Than their Family retrieval team thing was just scary. 5 armed people going into a home and clearing it with live weapons with children in the house, who trains like this?? Only highly skilled personnel train like this. These were not them. As they are leaving with the secured family members in vehicles you hear one curse. Opps, he just dropped his gun, still in the holster, on the ground while entering the van.

I may be considered an arm chair commander by some, but these people do not have the training to be doing these types of "missions". Just IMHO. I could be wrong, but I really thought these people were mostly wannabees. Nothing wrong with their basic concepts, but training would actually be required. Real training, not just hitting a range and pitching a tent, and poorly for that matter.

Wow, I could not believe what I was seeing. I'm sure there is much more and I could go on, but what's the point. You get the idea by now.
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