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As far as where to put the gun when in MD - if you don't have luggage of some sort I have no idea. My bike has a little lockable tool compartment under the seat. A compact pistol might fit in there if the tools were taken out . . . Generally I just try to stay out of Maryland.

I have a similar compartment on my 750 as well, and my gun would fit in it. But to comply with FOPA the gun has to be in a locked case and seperate from the ammo which has to be in its own case.

Therefore when I travel out of state to free America I have to take the Goldwing. Not that that's a terrible thing...but the fact that I have to is insane.

I suppose trying to fit the ammo in that compartment on the 750 and perhaps putting the locked pistol case in a backpack may be within the law however inconvenient. I would have to re-read the law to be sure though.
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