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If you're thinking of going smaller than the Glock 19, definitely try the Glock 26 first, since you are intimately familiar with that platform.
I myself would stick with the 19 over the 26 and go smaller than the 26 in a compact.

I prefer the Kahr PM9, as a pistol that is more compact than a Glock 26 and way less bulky.
I also like the PM9 trigger better, than Glock.

At least hold the PM9, or CM9. You'll be surprised at their 'larger' pistol feel and good sight pictures.

I've used the 1911 platform for 30+ years, I also prefer the PM9 to it for CCW.
For years I used .38 Special S&W J-frames for CCW, I now prefer the PM9 to them as well.
The PM9 holds 7-8 rounds, has a better sight picture and is easier all around to make hits with than with a J-frame.

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