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I own Glocks in 40s&w, 45acp, and 10mm (custom G20L, G21, custom G21L, G22, G23, and custom G24) as well as two Springfield 45acp 1911s (Mil-Spec and Range Officer) and both brands have their place in my collection. The Glocks are rugged, totally reliable, light weight, high capacity, accurate, and fill my need for CCW (G23 40s&w), HD (G21 45acp), and woods carry (custom G20L).

The two 1911s, while beautiful, accurate, and reliable, are too heavy with too little capacity for me to consider them as CCWs over the G23 which is smaller, much lighter, and carries 13+1 rds, twice the capacity of the 1911. For HD, the G21's 13+1rd capacity is twice what either 1911 holds. For woods carry, the 45acp is an inadequate caliber in the Rocky Mountains against larger animals vs full power 200grn hardcast hunting 10mm loads and again, the 1911's weight and less than 1/2 the capacity as compared to my G20L make the choice there easy too.

My 1911a are range shooters that my 27yr old son and I can enjoy together. Besides, everyone should have a 1911 as part of their collection because it's the quintessential semi auto with 100 yrs of service.

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