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Posted by Archer 9505: The best way for me to accomplish your stated objective is to use the tactical advantage and corner cover provided at the top of the stairs. Not to "Ambush" but to stop the intruder from gaining further access into our home.
I see no reason to put my risk to prevent someone "from gaining further access into our home." I'll shoot when they are clearly after us.

If I do not have time to usher everyone into one room (and even if I do), the top of the stairs in my home layout represents the logical choke point to confront and stop the threat.
If you do not have time to get everyone into a defensible place, you have to do what the situation dictates.

But if you do have the time, you have no reason to "confront the threat."

You simply wait to see if he is serious about coming in for you, and take him out if he decides to do so.

But that's if you have time. Consider three things:
  • Most intrusions occur during the day
  • Chances are high that there will be at least two of them
  • Their entry, if they decide to go through with it, will likely be sudden and tumultuous

In our case, there are three possible points of entry on the first floor and a couple in the basement that would bring them up into the middle of the house. Depending upon where we are at the time,, or path to the upstairs may well be blocked or unsafe ,and unless we both happen to be upstairs when the entry occurs, it is extremely unlikely that both of us could make it upstairs safely.

We'll have to defend from whereever we happen to be at the time.
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