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if you do get into reloading then I would recommend Dillon or RCBS or at the very least Lee equipment and the presses alone will cost over $100,
@t- Horsefeathers.

All of the stuff I listed was Lee equipment, of new manufacture ..... and is every bit as capable of making as high quality ammo as RCBS, Dillon, etc..... and certainly better than most factory loads. Quality will be determined by the diligence of the user. Lee's own online store was out of stock on the press I was looking for .... this was just the first distributor ( the search engine picked up.... I'm sure Natchez, Shooter's Supply, Midway, Graf's, etc. have the same stuff at similar prices. The OP was looking to reload 9mm, or maybe .45, and does NOT need $300-500 to do that.

Reloading is not rocket science and it need not cost a whole lot. For those with more time than money, the Lee WhackaMole kits are under 30 bucks, and though not the fastest way to reload, are capable of making safe, servicable ammo, if the user can read and follow instructions.
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