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Win PDX Segmenting slug for deer?

The "PD" stands for Personal Defense. But it indicates in the product description that it is a single, 1 oz rifled slug (without any 00 pellets) with a velocity of 1600 fps, which breaks apart upon impact, into 3 pieces. It is referred to as a "segmented slug" design, i.e., with "..programmed notching on inside/outside of slug" which, "ensures positive expansion and segmenting..". Also, "slug breaks into 3 segments upon impact...compensates for aim error and provides critical penetration".

So, even though it is a PD round, is it also a DRT deer round?

Anybody on this forum used it for deer?

Anybody thinking (like me) to try it on deer?

P.S. It patterns well (3 inches @ 50 yards) in my 870 Wingmaster smooth bore slug barrel.
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