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Home layout may influence the answer, but I can see no reason why anyone would ever want to "stay guard at top of stairs."
Well, you answered your own statement.

One's objectives should be to stay safe, to keep everyone in the family safe; to avoid confrontation if possible, and to be able to employ deadly force successfully as a last reort without getting hurt, if and only if it cannot be avoided.
The best way for me to accomplish your stated objective is to use the tactical advantage and corner cover provided at the top of the stairs. Not to "Ambush" but to stop the intruder from gaining further access into our home. All bedrooms are on the second floor, and there is only one way up. If I do not have time to usher everyone into one room (and even if I do), the top of the stairs in my home layout represents the logical choke point to confront and stop the threat.
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