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don't mention it. these kind of questions are quite common for people new to firearms and new to concealed carry. as has been pointed out 45 is expensive to shoot and even though reloading setups can be had for cheap I would recommend against getting into the cheapos as they are not manufactured to the tightest tolerances and can make your home loads very inconsistent, sometimes even to the extent of destroying guns. if you do get into reloading then I would recommend Dillon or RCBS or at the very least Lee equipment and the presses alone will cost over $100,

a good suggestion would be to keep an eye on craigslist. reloading components,equipment and dies popup there all the time and usually for pretty decent prices. it is next to impossible to damage, wear out or otherwise break a good setup. if you can get a decent deal on second hand ammo you will still end up having to load quite a bit of ammo to make up the difference. the real money saver is casting your own bullets but some pistols do not do well with cast bullets as the rifling can become clogged with lead. last I knew however all pistols mentioned have land and groove rifling and are good to shoot hard cast.
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