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Seems to me the last time I ran a batch through the Super Swage I got 1000 done in about 50 minutes. So I'm running right at about 3 seconds each. Probably a little faster, since I have to stop and move things around occasionally and, going that fast, I have ruined a couple or three cases out of the batch by not getting them fully down into position. The result is the swaging ram goes in off-center, and it is easily powerful enough to swage right into the solid head brass.

Note that swaging does tend to press any flash hole burrs flat and partly over the flash hole in many instances. For best ignition consistency you will want to deburr flash holes when swaging, so the real process time isn't as quick as just the swager itself is. But I also find, particularly with spherical propellants, that the deburred case improves ignition consistency, so I don't see this as a waste.
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