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With the hours ticking down people on both sides of the OC issue are getting antsy . People are up in arms over the issue ( pun not intended) . There are some in the 2A community that are against it . Claiming those who OC will be targets. The way I look at it we are all targets.And the anti 2A are worried about criminals walking around with guns ( not realizing they already have them) . Criminals don't care for anyone but themselves. So they target anyone these days. And maybe if they see people with guns they might think twice and scurry down the road. Will there be bold criminals who might risk it anyways ? Possible but I don't think many will. Will people be scared seeing guns on peoples hips? I can say I am very sure this will happen. People say I don't wanna scare the people who are not used to seeing guns. I say if you keep hiding them people will never get used to guns. I believe children need to see and ask questions. They need to know that LEO and soldiers are not the only good guys out there. I have had the discussion with my sister and BIL about this because my nephew is autistic. As I have posted before if we do not exercise our right they will be taken away from us. We need to not only fight to get our rights back but to also exercise them once we do. If more people would OC maybe we might be able to take back our cities and towns from criminals. Making their chosen profession as risky as it has ever been.As I have seen other people post that if you are legal to carry do it be it OC or CC do and carry everywhere you can do so legally .
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