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Older Rifle/Optics question


Recently picked up a Remington 600 (non-Mohawk) from the local gun guys here in town; after finding out about the trigger recall (and having the rifle dry fire after taking it off safe and touching the bolt handle) I sent it back to Remington to have the trigger/safey recall done.

In order to do so, however, I had to remove the scope. The scope itself is an older Weaver V4.5 with a T-reticle, which is actually pretty neat. However, the mounts themselves have me puzzled.

There are two round posts that the rings mount on to, and are then tightened with two screws on either side of the post. When I took the scope off, I was unable to get the rings back on the posts with out sliding one of them out a tad bit. Now they are back on, but having never seen this type of setup before (I assume it has been on the rifle since before I was born) I have no idea if I have mounted the thing correctly or not.

So, basically asking if anyone is familiar with this type of optical setup and how to get it at least mounted correctly before I start throwing rounds down range to get it zeroed.

Any and all help is appreciated!
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