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Swiss M1882 Revolver

So, I've been wanting a Swiss M1882 double-action revolver for some time now, even though the ammo is archaic and hard to find. I found an early one (hard rubber grips) that was in excellent condition, so I bought it.

This revolver is an amazing piece of Swiss engineering. The machining that must have been done to create one of these is unbelievable. For example, just the octogonal barrel, the front sight blade which is rather intricately formed, and a latch for the ejector rod, appear to have been machined out of one solid piece of steel. Every part is serial numbered and stamped with a Swiss Cross - hammer, trigger, frame, barrel, ejector rod, cylinder pin and most of the internal parts. There are other markings that I will need to learn more about.

I hate to say this, but I thought one really nice example of the Swiss M1882 would be enough for me.....these Swiss revolvers could become addictive!

Any other thoughts on the M1882 would be welcomed.

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