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Without looking very hard.....

Budget reloading:

Well under 100 bucks, shipping included..... I was going to suggest looking for used stuff on e-bay, but most of the stuff on there was priced above new .... Lee has factory seconds (scratch and dent) sometimes....

plated bullets for 9mm can be had for less than 10 cents each....

Brass for 9mm is pretty much free, as not many people reload it. Just pick it up. I do.

Primers .... 3-4 cents a pop. call it 3.5....

Powder seems expensive .... but a little goes a long way.

I like Alliant Power Pistol for 9mm...... $24 for a pound .... but that will load over 1000 rounds.... call it 2.5 cents for each round ....

2.5+3.5+9.5=15.5 cents for components...... for each round.

A box of factory ammo is running 15 bucks for 50 ..... you can just about cut that in half.

You will avoid Hazmat shipping fees if you find a local source for the powder and primers.....
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