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Superb gun! I rather take one Sphinx than 3 CZs if offered for the same price.
Well, if the prices, NEW, are comparable to what I've seen here in the U.S., a price that is 300%-400% more than a CZ would not be out of line. Sphinx (it's got a slightly different name, now, and new owners) puts a lot more time and effort into their guns during manufacture than does CZ -- except for CZ's ISPC-type guns, which are closer in quality and fitting.

In my experience, the Sphinx guns are similar to the SIG P-210 in fit and finish, and the care taken in manufacture. (I've had some of both, but not the Sphinx race guns. I currently have a SIG P226 X-Five in .40 and hope to eventually get a CZ Tactical Sport. My budget doesn't really let me go much higher...)
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