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The only time I have ever needed a gun while riding is following a breakdown. While sitting on the side of the road a couple of rednecks drove by real slow eye-balling my daughter who had been riding on the back. When they slowed down and turned around, I opened the trunk and retrieved my .357 and kept it hidden, they stopped and started making rude comments to my daughter at which time I told them to get the hell out of there. Apparently they noticed my hand in the trunk and decided not to push their luck.
My point is that you probably will never need to draw your weapon while riding, but it might come in handy when you are stopped. Therefore it might be helpful to look into finding a spot on your bike to keep your paddle holstered weapon. With a paddle, you can just slip it on when you stop and slip it back into storage when you ride. That eliminates all worries about loss or injury in the case of an unexpected get off or having the gun fall overboard on the twisties.
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