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Thanks for the replies, tahunua001 and Misssissippi Dave. I do plan to keep an eye and ear out in the used market. I will also research the Arcus, thanks!

One thing pointed out that I did not think of was the cost of ammo. If the .45 acp is going to cost quite a bit more to shoot, then that may be a breaker right there. I have read a bit on reloading and thought that would be interesting to get into, but if the cost is a wash then I would be doing it solely for hobby (which could be real cool in itself).

The prices I am getting are a bit better than listed above. The PF-9 they have marked down to $239 and the Hi-Point .45 they have marked down to $179. Then, they offer the CCW class for half price ($95 regular cost, so $47.50). The near $50 savings for the class would be a nice thing to get, but I am not letting that be a deal maker or breaker.

Also, wanted to say thanks for making a noob feel welcome and not stupid for asking noobish questions. I know some forums (not firearm related) can make noobs feel like complete idiots at times. I thank you all for supporting the new shooter crowd!!
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