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Sorry! It is as easy as pie. If you have to explain it to an infantryman, it has to be easy. No tools needed.

*First, cock the action (lift the bolt handle, then lower it).

*Next, put the safety on (the little lever at the back of the bolt, straight up is safe but the bolt is operable, to the right will lock the bolt). You want the safety straight up. Pull the bolt to the rear until it hits the bolt stop.

*Next, withdraw the bolt from the action by lifting the little lever on the left side of the receiver (bolt stop) as you pull the bolt back. You should now have the bolt out of the action.

Looking at the bolt, the large piece on the rear of the bolt is the bolt shroud, the long slender part that fits into the receiver is the bolt body. On the front of the bolt shroud, there is a little plunger.
* Push the plunger in and at the same time unscrew the bolt shroud from the bolt body (about 10 turns)

* Pull the bolt shroud away from the bolt body and withdraw the firing pin assembly from the bolt body.

Now clean away. When you are satisfied with the job, reassemble the bolt, then put it back into the receiver.

If you decide to replace the firing pin spring, all you need to do once you have the firing pin assembly removed is to compress the firing pin spring by pushing it down while supporting the firing pin in a vise (do not push it against the firing pin tip). The rear of the firing pin is covered by the cocking piece. Once you have the spring compressed just turn the cocking piece 90 degrees and slip it off to the rear, making sure you keep a firm grasp on the whole assembly (it is under tremendous spring pressure). The firing pin will now come out the front of the bolt shroud. Remove and replace the firing pin spring if needed. Reassemble in reverse order. Once you have done it the first time, you are an expert.
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