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just curious as to how the 75-77 gr would do through a 1:8 twist.... heard bad things, ....had probs at 300-600 with 75 gr. once, kinda wobbly, had to dial down the load and don't want to sacrifice velocity either. Varget always did well, especially with a milder 1:12 twister. but almost too well with the heavier .223 bullets and a faster twist than 1:10. read in other forums that the 77s over 2900 fps will really do some wierd stuff out of a 1:8, but i guess there's only one way to find out right??? .
Re: Twist - I shoot 75 gr Hornady HTBT in a 1:9 twist Savage bolt gun and find it very accurate out to 400 yds (as far as I can shoot at my range). That said, I am not supposed to get that kind of result according to this chart:
"Overall, what twist rate is best? For varminting we like a 12-twist. The slower twist will give you a bit more velocity, and minimize the risk of jacket failure at high rpms. For general use, an 8-twist barrel will let you shoot the excellent 77gr and 80gr Sierra MatchKings and nearly all varieties of non-tracer milsurp ammo. We’d only select a 1:7″ or faster twist barrel if we had a need to shoot the 90gr VLDs.
Barrel Twist Rate 1:14" 1:12” 1:9” 1:8” 1:7” or 1:6.5”
Max Bullet Weight 55gr FB 65gr FB 73gr BT BOgr BT 9Ogr BT VLD".
I am happy I can shoot 75's out of my 1:9, but I do not plan to spend money to by 80 or 90's just to try and push my luck.
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