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welcome to the forum. I know that money is tight and some are more affected than others.

from all reports I've read hi points 45s are more accurate and reliable than their 9mm offerings so your chances of buying a lemon are a lot lower. however I have noticed that a lot of gun stores are jacking up the prices of hi points, the 9mms are approaching $200 and the 45s have surpassed that. they are good guns but they are large and blocky and for a skinny individual such as yourself it would be incredibly difficult to conceal, even in cold weather where heavy clothing makes it easier.

the keltec PF9 is a good concealed carry gun and many people swear by them but they are quite rough from the factory and they need a bit of "fine tuning" but there are lots of instructional videos on how to do this and it can be done very cheaply(under a dollar in some cases). however the design has been called a Kahr knockoff one too many times for my liking since I have had horrible experience with Kahrs and would never wish that on anyone.

for the prices that you are looking at I will ask you to consider another option. it is called the Arcus 98DAC(double action compact). it is a Bulgarian Browning Hi Power clone that is imported by century arms and can be had in the same price range as a hi point 45 or PF9. they are also kindof an ugly gun and have rough edges but surprisingly have more satisfied owners than not and if you know where to look has a very devoted fan base. it will be somwhere in the middle as far as concealability since it's a double stack design and the keltec is a single stack but ammo capacity is almost double the PF9 at 13+1.

all prices are taken from actual retail value may vary slightly:
keltec PF9=$259
Hi Point 45ACP=$229
Arcus 98DAC 9mm=$318-327

edit: also as safety is a concern, the 98DAC has both a manual safety and a magazine disconnect safety(won't shoot without a magazine present in the gun) which can really help avoiding a neglegent discharge in a house full of kids that are not familiar with firearms safety.
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