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Hey folks,

This is an update for new info provided to this date. This Hornady L&L AP serial number list was started on another thread from back at the beginning of 2010:


--------Hornady LNL AP Serial Numbers & Dates Purchased---------
---Serial #-----When Bought------Member Reporting

------146------?---------?--------whistlerswe - Owner is located in Sweden and thinks he is third owner of press.
----1,525-----Jun?-----1997------Dave Wile
----2,330------?----------?-------Armarsh - Purchased used and upgraded to EZ-Ject.
----7,078-----Mar------2004------Robctwo - Has put 117,800 rounds through it to March 2010 then had it rebuilt for cost of shipping one way.
----8,465-----Apr------2004------kbeck76 -Converted to EZ-Ject around Jan 2011.
----8,866-----May-----2005------Canuck IL
---10,073-----Unk------2006------Waldog - Later converted to EZ-Ject.
---11,020-----Apr------2007----- Otto - $319 from Midsouth
---11,374-----Nov?----2007-------Vegasbillsliv - Midway. Still has the wire eject. Thousands of rounds and no major malfunctions.
---11,885--------------2007?-----Walkalong (Anthony)
---12,9xx------Jan-----2008-------Blue68f100 - Added brass feeder July 2008 & EZ-Eject upgrade soon as available.
---13,xxx--------------2008?------KY Jelly
---13,100-----Feb-----2008------ Thorn - Upgraded to EZ-Ject subplate.
---13,491-----June----2008-------101 Voo Doo (Jim)
---13,978-----July-----2008-------Dynamite Rabbit (Lee)
---14,281-----Aug-----2008-------RNG (Richard) - Upgraded to EZ-Ject in October 2009 and considers it money well spent.
---16,153-----Dec-----2008-------Ole Farmer Buck (Van)
---14,689-----Aug-----2008-------Smith627 - Upgraded to EZ-Ject. Problems with 9mm & seating primers low enough.
---17,410-----Feb-----2009-------Jeff Brown
---18,608-----April-----2009-------Wild Willy (Bill)
---18,753-----Apr------2009-------Captaingyro - MidSouth.
---18,930-----May-----2009-------Broken Wheel
---20,777-----Oct-----2009--------Floydster (Floyd)
---21,949-----Oct-----2009------- Rkohut
---22,295-----Nov-----2009--------Dodge DeBoulet
---22,907-----Dec-----2009--------Ledhore - 30,000 rounds loaded by end of Feb 2012.
---23,300-----Dec-----2009--------The Hat
---23,4xx-----Dec-----2009--------Gryffydd - Graff's. Powder measure comes with baffle now.
---23,766-----Dec-----2009--------Fella5 (Scott) - Midway.
---23,92x-----Dec-----2009--------1911pewpew - Midway.
---23,959--------------------------Mstreddy - Bought used summer of 2012 from a THR member.
---24,427-----Jan-----2010--------Ole Farmer Buck (Van)
---25,067-----Mar-----2010--------Mmorris (Mike)
---26,230-----May----2010--------Galvatron - More than 10K rounds as of Feb 2012, four calibers, zero problems.
---27,101-----Oct-----2010--------Glock XIX
---27,769-----Sep-----2010--------Vec - Midway. Added micrometer powder measures.
---28,031-----Aug-----2010--------steve5c - Midway.
---30,295-----Apr-----2011--------Sageen - This press was replaced by Hornady with press #36,821 in Dec 2011.
---31,060-----Mar-----2011--------357 Shooter - ManVenture Outpost.
---31,327-----Nov-----2011--------flhtci2006 - Midway.
---33,037-----Jan-----2012--------Johnnymg - Graf's. Also bought 36,039 from Cabela's in Dec 2011.
---33,594-----Oct-----2011--------Striker Fired - Midway.
---35,974-----Nov-----2011--------twohightech - Cabela's.
---36,181-----Nov-----2011--------777TRUTH - Graf's.
---36,297-----Dec-----2011--------brominated -Graf's. Drive hub sheared after 100+ loaded rounds. Hornady sent replacement part & is working fine.
---36,039-----Dec-----2011--------Johnnymg - Cabela's. Also bought 33037 from Graf's in Jan 2012.
---36,299-----Dec-----2011--------J McLeod - Graf's.
---36,305-----Aug-----2012--------Glockdk - Lives in Denmark.
---36,332-----Dec-----2011--------John16443 - Cabela's. This press replaced a broken press.
---36,821-----Dec-----2011--------Sageen - Hornady replaced press #30,295 with this press.
---36,869-----Dec-----2011--------Mike27 - Cabela's
---37,534-----Feb-----2012--------DEP589 - Cabelas. No problems encountered thus far.
---38,085-----Mar-----2012--------Tightgroup Tiger - I wouldn't tade mine for any brand.
---39,706-----Jun-----2012---------Huskerguy - Midway
---39,994-----Jun-----2012---------Sean Eady - Midway
---40,660-----Jul-----2012----------Dickttx - Natchez. "No problems, other than myself, so far."

Additional comments made by LNL owners are noted as follows:

The wire eject system was apparently replaced by the EZ-Ject system in the fall of 2008 starting on or about with SN 16,000. I still continue to use the original wire eject system that came with my press, and it works just fine for me. I suspect all of the changes Hornady has made over the years has been to reduce as much as possible the opportunity for operator error, but when you have a machine with all the cogs, levers, and whatever all operating together, there is no way to make it completely “idiot” proof. This has been a good machine for me since 1997. - Dave Wile

---Canuck, IL - Reports that change in primer system came at serial number 7,000.

---Walkalong - Has a Pro-Jector with serial # 18,396. He also says the $29 he spent for his EZ-Ject upgrade was worth the expense.

---Sommerled reports his oldest (2001) LNL press has the old primer system with the brass tubes where you remove the whole steel containment sleeve. It also has the primer plunger with thumb nut that is a poor design, hard to tighten and comes loose alot. Also the return spring for the powder measure pulls down at an angle with this older press and it sometimes binds up if not dry lubed. The wire ejects work most of the time when occasionally rubbed with a little die sizing wax on the contact area with a Q-tip.

---I also have the original primer system as described by Sommerled. While I have filed smooth the edges of the primer plungers, I do not have any problems with my primer system. I do keep the shuttle slide clean and dry lubed.

---Dodge DeBoulet indicates his press came with 3 powder drop tubes, two primer slides & seating punches; also indicated his powder screw tubes are not micrometer style which seems to be an add on purchase.

---Sageen's original press was replaced by Hornady because 45ACP and 44 Mag cases would hit sizer die on outside edge and not enter die without hand adjustment.

---Glockdk lives in Denmark and his drive hub broke after 500 rounds of 9mm. He notified Hornady and received a new hub days later - in Denmark.

I will continue to add new data as long as folks continue reporting same on this thread. I keep this LNL serial number info on a M-Soft Excel spreadsheet. I can send a copy of the Excel file via E-Mail to anyone who would like it.

Best wishes,
Dave Wile

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