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I have a Buckmark and I do like it, but I admit that it doesn't like the real cheap ammo. With Remington Golden Bullet, I may get a failure to fire once every two magazines or so. Granted, a lot of guns don't like Remington Golden ammo, but my 10/22 eats it up reliably, so I wonder if my Buckmark doesn't hit the primers as well. Fortunately, spending just a little more for CCI Blaser ammo (still cheap) eliminates almost all misfires.

Before buying my Buckmark, I also considered the Ruger MkIII and 22/45. I liked the 22/45 grip the least and the Buckmark grip the best, and that is why I chose the Buckmark. That said. you might try putting a Hogue Handall on your 22/45 before giving up on it (unless you really just want a different gun ).
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