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A possible suggestion is a FAL with 16 or 18 inch barrel. I have a DSA FAL Para with 16 inch barrel. The short gas version weighs 8.25 pounds. I have the regular length gas system, so it weighs a little more.

FAL's have excellent ergonomics, low recoil for a .308 (thanks to the adjustable gas system) and can be set up to for a scope or red dot easily. They are extremely reliable and pretty accurate, though a little less then a M1A.

They are a battle tested design, fielded by over 70's countries, all over the world. Bostons Gun Bible ranks the FAL and M1A as the top battle rifles, but that does not include the SCAR- which might take top honors these days, except for the cost. Larry Vickers is also a big fan of the platform.

You can read a lot more about them on the falfiles.
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