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ok went out today to re set some tree stands and took the 629 with me, I put a cylinder full into a target about 25 yrds away, all could fit in a 6 inch paper plate I`ll take it !!!!!!

I ordered some of that Ted Nugent ammo online, 240 gr soft point,put a few of them down range as well just to see how they do, same results,all fit on the same 6 inch paper plate..

what did I do to improve my group????

I backed the charge down to 9.5 grns of unique instead of 10 and put just a bit heavier crimp on them. funny how much difference a half a grain can make, seem to do the trick

I dont know alot about the ted nugent ammo as it was a curiosity purchase,,it does shoot well has a noticable recoil but not as bad as the white box winchester stuff, Im dont know what powder they use to load it but it does smell kinda bad..
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