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You might be able to find a DPMS Sportical .308 for under $1,000. There really won't be many other .308s at that price range.

I forgot about this one for a second. A Saiga in .308 can be found for less than $1,000 quite regularly.

Quote: your own posting.....SA are too heavy for "carbines"....inspite of what SA says
I don't know when I gave a specific weight limit to classify a gun as a "carbine"?

Having shot both Socom II's and AR-10 pattern rifles, the Socom is much more maneuverable. I haven't even looked at Springfield's specifications on this. Numbers on a page mean much less than hands-on experience.

And when I made the comment concerning weight and maneuverability I was specifically referring to the FNAR and PTR-91.

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