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Walther will not be manufacturing any of their pistols here.
Although this is a slight thread hijack, S&W manufactures the PPK and PPK/S at their Houlton, ME plant, and AFAIK all of the recent press releases about the Walther-S&W distribution split clearly indicate that S&W production of these pistols will continue for the foreseeable future.

The PPK cannot be legally imported into the USA because of the ATF import points system. The PPK/S can be imported- this was the original impetus behind the design- but it presumably would make little sense to divide production between 2 plants for 2 very similar pistols.

OTOH the P99, PPQ, and PPS have always been imported from Germany; the licensed SW99 was previously built in Springfield, MA, but was axed several years ago in favor of the M&P.
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