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Originally Posted by tobnpr
Nice barrel. Let us know how she shoots...

I love the ballistics of the .243... I either shoot too much, or don't make enough dough (or both!)to deal with the barrel life () so I went with 7-08...
Right now I'm long on want and short on time. I've been able to load 11 fireforming rounds. The first of them were Trail Boss and the next 6 were the lowest max charge of IMR3031 I could find. 3031 scares me a bit, since I'm loading with no real data and it proved hotter than QuickLoad expected in 7mm-08.

I must still be at relatively low pressure as only 1 or 2 of those rounds seemed fully formed. I'm going to step it up to the next lowest max charge and that should do it, I would think.

I may also just change over to my expected final combination of 80gr Barnes TTSX and RL19(or 17). I'll need to work them up eventually anyway. Might as well fireform with them.

The AI is supposed to have somewhat better barrel life than the Win version but I'm not sure it will matter for me. Even if I get 1,500 rounds of acceptable accuracy I will probably be looking at 8-10 years of shooting. The more likely scenario, I should think, would be 3-5,000 rounds, especially since I don't "require" 1/4 MOA accuracy. If that's the case, this barrel will probably outlast me.
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